Free Zumba Demo and a Flash Mob :)


Let’s get this weekend started off right!

I got the official approval today from the mall for the flash mob.  Plus they are going to also let me do a Zumba Demo class immediately following the flash mob. So I hope you will all stay and have some fun with me.


(No need to hide it now since the demo is right after)

The lady from the mall would like us to try and include a few people on the top level as well. She said you will be able to hear the music from there. It will help draw attention to the mob from all area’s of the mall. If some people would make sure and be in groups on the 2nd level looking down on the stage area that would be really great. Engage the crowd. Try and get them involved if you can. Don’t forget we don’t want to all start dancing at the very start. Some people should wait for a little bit before starting to dance. The mob should slowly grow.

 Also everyone please take pictures and videos and tag me in them. I want to see all of them &  don’t want to miss any of them. The mall is actually having a picture contest so if you get any really good ones check this out:

Music will start at 5:00 pm

FREE Zumba Demo 5:05-5:30

There is also going to be a FREE Drum’s Alive Demo from 5:30-6:00

The mall has lots of great activities going on all weekend. Check them out at:

White Marsh Mall
8200 Perry Hall Blvd
Baltimore, Maryland 21236-4901

Also don’t forget about the  

party this Saturday!!


Only $6.00

Free for Zin

Towson YMCA
600 W. Chesapeake Ave.
Towson, 21204

Get your tickets from me or online at:


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