Weight loss excuse #1

Lately I have found myself slipping a bit back into old habits. You know what I mean skipping a workout or bringing that junk food back into the house. I noticed myself making excuses for these behaviors. I found it was starting to affect my weight loss and even my fitness level. So now I must stop the excuses and step it up a notch.


Excuse #1- I don’t have time.

I hear this one a lot and I myself am guilty of it. I know for a fact I would have skipped many workouts if I had not made Zumba® Fitness a job. It keeps me on track and dedicated but I have been wanting to add more strength training  and with the day-to-day I just have felt like I can’t possibly fit it in.

So this week I am going to make time. Take a good look at my schedule and make time to get it in.

I challenge you to join me. Maybe you can join me in one of my classes or even do squats, sit-ups and lunges in your living room. Walk during your lunch break. Run the stairs at your house. Somewhere I’ll find the time for it this week and I know you can too.

Let me know how you plan to fit it in this week.

Together we can reach our goals. 
Peace, Love, & Zumba®
Mary Ellen 



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