FREE Zumba® Basic Steps Review


FREE  Zumba® Basic Steps Review

In Zumba® classes participants learn as they go through repetition and by example. This can be frustrating for first-timers, but because Zumba uses a lot of the same songs and steps over and over, Students soon get the hang of it after a few Zumba classes. If your like me it took more then just a few but I did get the steps down and so will you. I know even some of you who attend classes weekly can still feel a bit confused by some more complex steps. If you are a beginner or you just feel like a beginner I have a big treat for you.

Each Monday in February Join me  before my class for a FREE Basic steps review. It will just be a short 10-15 minute review of the most common steps we use. 

2/4- Cumbia 

2/11- Salsa 

 2/18- Mereange

2/25 -Reggeaton

The FREE Review will be from 5:15 to 5:30. Followed by a full Zumba® class  from 5:30-6:25 where we will use the skills we have learned. There is a $5.00 Fee for the class but your first one is FREE with this coupon.

This is a perfect time to bring a newbie to class and show them how much fun Zumba® is. People who have workout partners are more successful so grab a few and join us. 


6809 BELAIR ROAD, Baltimore, Maryland 21206
Every Monday in February!!! 

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